14 February 2011

Moonlite Monday Guest:: Amy of ABCD Designs

Hello, and happy Valentines day! I want to start off by saying thank you to Tonia for having me over to moonlight on her blog today. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Amy Beth Cupp and four years ago I married Mr. D. That makes me "ABCD!" and I've got a digital sketch book called ABCD Design where I write about making a house a home. First I was an artist, then trained to be a chef and a floral designer, and after that I worked with an interior designer and as a stylist. On any given day, depending on what has inspired me I will write about it. 
Let's get started, shall we? Tonia asked me to write about interior design today. My biggest belief is that the home should be an amalgamation of the items that the owner loves. My interior design aesthetic all about transitionalism. I don’t want to walk in a room and be able to pinpoint when it was decorated or where each piece came from. Don't you just love the shape of these chairs? In my opinion, with those clean, feminine lines they will never go out of style.
I am into layering pieces from different eras that fit our taste as a couple. I'm a reformed Shabby Chic, country living kind of gal with a hint of The New Traditionalist popping through. I lovingly refer to him as "Mr. DWR." Our pieces fuse together to form a relaxing environment that reflects our personalities. I am particularly drawn to pieces that are difficult to place in history. They are the perfect bridge between rustic and modern, traditional and today.
I'm a fan of the slow home movement. I make my best effort to pick and choose home decor deliberately and in consideration of the environment. I don't want the furniture I purchase today to end up in a landfill in five years. I'd prefer to live without a particular piece until I have found the exact one that I will keep for the long haul. 
When it comes to buying furniture and accessories for the home, my first choice is to pick something that is antique or vintage. My theory is that there is a reason that pieces from fifty and a hundred years ago are still in existence today. They were hand-built out of real wood. They are made with an honest quality that is becoming difficult to find in new, reasonably priced furniture.
Most of the images I selected today are from a recent visit I made to Irwin Feld Design - below, you'll see a few from their website too! Irwin Feld Design is a mid-century modern showroom in Stamford, Connecticut. They've got so many handsome items that are on my dream decorating wishlist! I mean really, wouldn't you just flip out when you sat down at your desk the morning if this were it? OMG ~ so gorgeous!
Not only do I like their aesthetic, and what they're doing for the environment, but I also like what Irwin Feld Feld Design is doing for charity.
They are selling this gorgeous and glam honeysuckle pink upholstered chrome bench -for half the price they normally would- with all the proceeds going to the Susan B. Komen 'Pretty in Pink For Life' fund in Connecticut! Now that is a win/win for everyone involved, don't you agree?
Gosh, wouldn't that be gorgeous in a ladies dressing room or study, or at the foot of the bed? A girl can dream, can't she?

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  1. Amy always gives awesome DIY and great picks. Love her style!

  2. Amy has a great sensibility and style. Totally agree with her approach to layering to create a timeless environment.

  3. thanks tonia, you always have great moonliters on your blog.
    i'll be following amy now :)

  4. Amy really is one of my favorite ladies! From her blog, to her tweets, I just really like her! I'm glad that I had a chance to meet her back in September!

    Also, a trained chef? No wonder she shares great recipe's on her blog! Oh and the first set of chairs are so nice. THey look very similar to the slipper chairs I picked up a Goodwill about a year ago!

    Thanks for having Amy over today Tonia. She really is a talented lady;-)

  5. Amy, thanks so much for being my guest today!

  6. Love the 'Slow Home' concept. Mine has been progressing so slowly it's practically inert.

  7. Tonia,

    Thank you again for having me over to your blog today!
    It's fun to meet some new friends, as well as see all the bloggy 'friends' we have in common! :D

    Thanks again,

  8. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Yum! I love the reds. Also loving the redesign.


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  11. This is an informative post. I agree with buying things that you will have for a long time.

  12. Thank you Tonia & Amy for featuring us in this post. It is because of support from friends like you that we were able to find a wonderful home for the amazing honeysuckle pink bench and help Komen CT.

  13. @Marcy
    You are welcome, anytime that I can be of help, but a big thanks to Amy.

  14. Well, I am blown away! Amy, you put into words all that I feel and think about decorating with vintage and antique furniture. I've never thought to formulate these ideas in the way you have. Kudos to you.

    Tonia and Amy, I look forward to perusing your blogs!


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