28 February 2011

Moonlite Monday Guest:: Barbara of Hodge Podge

A big thank-you Tonia for inviting me to moonlite this Monday. I am thrilled to be a guest at Chic Modern Vintage as I too love stylish frugal living.
I thought I would share what I am most passionate about: decor and design but especially DIY. My favourite activity in the evening is to curl up on the sofa surround by inspiring shelter magazines or reading blogs and online magazines on my laptop. What inspires me about design is the creativity that comes along with it. Seeing amazing images and projects online just sets my mind whirling with ideas as I am DIYer to the core. Even if I had endless amount of money at my disposal I would still try to Do-It-Myself! I always want to try it myself {I am a bit stubborn that way} and if all else fails, give-up or get someone else to do it for me.

Being creative from a young age, I remember buying a lamp and baskets at a garage sale and, much to my parents' horror, spray painting my finds with peach paint! I was always re-arranging my room and when I was about 15, I went through a rainbow phase {I know, so 80's} where I begged my dad to help me paint my room baby blue and then the plan was to paint a huge rainbow on the wall. The rainbow didn't end up on the wall as we scored lovely rainbow bed sheets and drapes through the Sears catalogue, which my mom kept and gave them to me this past summer for posterity!

Now that I am, er....much older, I am still re-arranging and painting while trying to create a stylish home for my family frugally. Fabric and paint are my best friends, especially spray paint. Nothing can transform furniture, tchotchkes, or a room better than paint!

Here are a few projects I worked on that were transformed using paint and fabric this past year and cost me very little {except for time}:
It's amazing how using your imagination and some ingenuity you can take an ugly duckling and turn it into a swan! Hop on over to visit hodge:podge where you can find me sewing, painting, and occasionally, when I am brave enough, using power tools *gasp*!
XO Barbara

Find Barbara on her Blog | Twitter | Facebook
and her headboard was featured on HGTV


  1. Thanks Barbara for being my guest today!

  2. Thanks for having me moonlite on your blog today!

  3. We love love the white lamp and black mirror! The bold shape in solid black and white make them such great statement pieces! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love what you've done and your DIY philosophy.

  5. Awesome transformations...especially the dresser! Now you've got me thinking of what I can do to a few pieces of my own!

  6. Wow! What great transformations! Thank you for the introduction!

  7. Barbara is not only creative, she's down-to-earth too. Love that.

  8. Especially love the dresser. Off to check out her blog. Hope you are well!


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