30 June 2013


Simply I will not be posting here anymore. You can find me at www.chicmodernvintage.com I'm still working out a few kinks but in another week or so we should be all good. Thanks for your understanding. I almost forgot Google Reader goes down Monday, You can follow me on Bloglovin, the button is on the sidebar.

28 June 2013


I find furniture and other home decor things all the time, no seriously all the time. It was to the point that my garage was stuffed to it's absolute max. I couldn't put another thing in it, yet I was constantly bring things home. 
I found these. I wanted them bad. They were only $60 for all four. At the time all I could think about was how many other projects I had at home already. So, I left them there and didn't give them another thought.

Then I found these at Salvation Army. I don't have to tell you the price you see the right there in the picture. Again, I left them there and didn't give them another thought.....I'm lying, I did give them another thought, but it wasn't compelling enough for me to even go back to see if they were still there.

These chairs right here!!!! They are Ally's gorgeous parson chairs...le sigh.You can read her blog post about them here. That's when I want to kick myself into next year! I just sat and stared at my computer. You know how you do when you just can't believe your eyes? Now I'm back on the hunt for a pair of parson chairs and some leopard fabric. Yes Ally, I'm gonna be a copy cat.

Have you ever wanted to kick yourself for something you didn't buy?  

And in other news....I'm moving to a new host I hope to be done my Monday.

25 June 2013



As of late I've been a tad obsessed with over the top embellishments and exotic fabrics. Modern Bathrooms has something for every decor taste. I love a little extra glamour especially in the bathroom and The Luxe Axel with upholstered with faux alligator and nail heads is a wonderful way to create a contemporary bathroom. It's classic, glamorous and  adds a bit of drama. Sexy isn't it?

The nail head detail is classic and the perfect balance for both masculine and feminine. The fact this trend has extend beyond sofas and chairs is a good thing. Why not bring into the bathroom? The Carrara marble counter top is carved from a single piece of marble adding serious heft to this vanity. Let's not forget the matching studded mirror — Note the fact the nail heads go all the way to the floor. It's all about the details. Did you notice the fact there are no handles? The drawers are push to open and self-closing a rare combination when it comes to bathroom vanities.

What do you think about upholstered bathroom vanities? Have you ever considered an upholstered vanity?  I love the idea myself.

01 May 2013


In the past I use to thrift just about every other day but for the past six seven months I have slacked up on buying. It's not fun anymore. Thrift stores have lost their minds and have forgotten their places. They have things priced as if they are a regular retail store— anyways that's another blog post. Yesterday I felt like going to just look. Maybe I'd find something. Something out of the ordinary. Something you rarely find when shopping at a thrift store. Long story short.....If you follow me via instagram then you already know I found a Hermès Eperon D'or scarf.  Designed by H Origny and first issued in 1974.  

Now this is where I use the word amazing and if you follow me on twitter you know I can't stand when people use the word amazing and it's not, but finding a Hermès scarf at a thrift store is amazing. If I told you what I paid for it you wouldn't believe me therefore I'm not. I use to think of these scarves were only for a woman of a particular age (in my Wendy Williams voice) but my thoughts have changed about Hermès scarves now since I own one. Yes, just that quick. Kalyn warned me. She owns several. This pattern is  very classic... like real classic but it's a keeper and I will be wearing it.

Do you thrift shop? What have you found lately that is amazing? 

29 April 2013


With much thought and consideration chic modern vintage is moving. Moving will provide a much better  experience via all mobile devices. This means our blog posts will be limited until the new site is up and running smoothly. In the meantime you can follow me via twitter where I dish regular chit-chat on anything from my pet peeves to gorgeous decor to food— you just never know, instagram to see updates on my Kelly-Moore Paint project or pinterest where you'll find fabulous inspiration for your life. You may direct all inquires to chicmodernvintage (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time. 

15 April 2013


From April 15th to the 22nd, Pfister Faucets is giving away two WaterSense faucets per day to promote water conservation and Earth Day awareness (up to a $300 retail value). A winner will be selected at random each day to win. There are so many wonderful faucets to choose from. My favorite kitchen faucet is the Mystique. I love the one handle single control design.

And my favorite for the bathroom is the Prima widespread faucet. I like this design because if I decide to shampoo my hair at home it would be easy to shampoo my hair easily. I hate shampooing my hair in the shower. 

Need a new faucets? Want to win? Go here to enter and get all the details.  

08 April 2013


Spring has sprung and I've gotten into full gear with trying to get the interior of the house painted. We decided to start with one of the small bedrooms, which happened to be packed to the gills with clothes. Don't know how that happened with just two teeny tiny closets? We would have had this done, but when you  have hundreds of colors to choose from it's hard.
We decided to go with the colors new linen (eggshell) for the the walls, which is more of an off white and country cotton (flat) for the ceiling. I have to tell you with all honesty I didn't prime the walls as advised by various paint professionals. Kelly-Moore Paint covered all the dirty hand prints without priming. Also note  I went from a dark color to a lighter color.

Side notes: Fill nail holes with the proper products because filling them with toothpaste, white soap, etc does NOT work properly. It only makes for imperfections in your paint. Now off to attempt to get caught up on my class work. 

all photos taken with iPhone in natural light

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