07 February 2011

Moonlite Monday Guest:: Jeanine of AphroChic

Thank you so much Tonia for inviting me to stop by Chic Modern Vintage this week.  I have been busy the past few weeks working on a number of projects at home.  I recently did a cross-country move from San Francisco to Philadelphia, and am now in the process of decorating a whole new space.  As much as I love decor and styling - I mean, it's what I do for textile company - the process of decorating a whole new space can feel a bit daunting
Jeanine Hays in San Francisco Chronicle
Russell Yip/San Francisco Chronicle
One of my first projects is to design a home office, that will also be an AphroChic showspace for potential retailers who want to view our goods.  I work from home and really need a space that's cozy, efficient, and that shows AphroChic style in action.  I'm also looking to hire an assistant later this year, so I also need a space that will fit more than one person. Here is what the office looks like now.  It's a blank slate just looking for some imagination and creativity to liven it up.
    Office mood board
    I've come up with a few ideas for the space.  I love to start the design process by making a moodboard.  It helps to get my thoughts in order, and I'm a very visual person.  I definitely want it to feel glam and a little bit girly.  I'm a girly-girl after all.
    Source: trendland.net; via Jeanine on Pinterest
    I'm also feeling a little adventurous, and may incorporate a fun DIY project and create a custom desk.
    I've been pulling together some inspirational spaces on Pinterest to help flesh out this idea. Now that I'm sharing the ideas with all of you, I'm so excited to see how it all comes together. I'm off to start on my project!
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    1. I'm sure whatever Tonia does will be beautiful and practical. Totally in love with the boho chic of that first office!

    2. Jeanine, thanks so much for being my guest today. I'm sure that your office will turn out beautifully!

    3. I'm in love with the AphroChic wallpaper collection! Pairing it with that ghost chair is perfect too. Lovely spread :)

    4. Love the office with the wood table and pictures in the background. Thinking doing this in my den.

    5. It's nice to know that even famed designers get nervous when it comes to starting all over in a new space.

    6. What a fabulous mood board! Tonia is such a huge inspiration to me! LOVE this lady's style...not to mention her pillows!:)


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