25 March 2013


Hans Wegner is one of the biggest names in the world of designer furniture and he was responsible for some of the most iconic and eye-catching pieces of furniture of the 20th century. He was responsible for the creation of well over 500 varieties of chair and it is this type of furniture, in particular, that he is famed for. Born in Denmark in 1914, he enjoyed a long career in furniture design and some of the pieces that he produced are firmly recognized as some of the most important pieces of designer furniture of the last 100 years. Chances are you will have already have seen many pieces of Hans Wegner furniture without actually realizing that they were one of his creations. Let’s take a look at three of the most iconic Wegner creations:

Hans Wegner Shell Chair

This exceptionally striking piece of designer furniture was undoubtedly one of Wegner’s most popular and was originally released back in 1963. It clearly exhibits the sort of bold, flowing pieces that typify Hans Wegner furniture and offers fantastic comfort levels. It was not until the mid-90’s, however, that the chair really began to take off in interior design circles and went into mass production due to its level of popularity.

Hans Wegner Harp Chair
Very few pieces of designer furniture can hold a candle to Hans Wegner’s harp chair when it comes to striking and unusual pieces of furniture. It’s more a piece of art than a place to sit but, despite its appearance, it is actually incredibly comfortable and relaxing to sit it. The chair is inspired by the bow and hall-yard of a Viking ship and this is something which certainly makes it an impressive and imposing piece of bespoke designer furniture. Interior design is about finding the right pieces for your space and if you have a contemporary minimalist property, eye-catching pieces like the Hans Wegner harp chair will be the ideal type of furniture. It’s an exceptional and unusual design and will really add a whole new element to your space and offers a great level of comfort and style.

Hans Wegner Wing Chair
Hans Wegner furniture is particularly distinctive and one of his most iconic and favored pieces is certainly the beautifully crafted and flawlessly comfortable wing chair above. Its eye-catching design made it stand out from the crowd when it was originally released in 1960 and Wegner was famed for paying particularly close attention to ergonomics which is why pieces like the swan chair were so comfortable and relaxing. Wegner is one of the 20th Century’s most celebrated furniture designers and it is because of exceptionally functional and stylish pieces like the Wegner wing chair that his furniture remains as popular today as it always has.

Post submitted by Leo Parker an interior design and lifestyle blogger who loves iconic pieces of statement furniture from the mid-20th Century from the likes of Eames, Jacobsen and Aarnio. He regularly writes for a number of interior design and lifestyle magazines and often supplies content on behalf of Swivel UK Designer Furniture where you can find each of the pieces of Hans Wegner furniture showcased above.


  1. That harp chair is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. The Hans Wegner wing chair has been on my wishlist for some time. Great post!

  3. That harp chair is really awesome...besides, the Hans Wegner wing restaurant chair is looking so cozy.

  4. Seems like Jorgen Hovelskov gets most of the credit for designing the harp chair. Who was it?

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