14 February 2013


Remember a while back when I told you Peacock Alley asked me to participate in their designer challenge? Well if you follow me on twitter or if you've met me in person then you know I can talk yet I was sweatin' bullets this particular day. I couldn't even talk on camera. Peacock Alley has a gorgeous array of luxury bedding to choose from and it was really difficult to choose. So, take a look and let me know what you think. 
I have to say prior to ever being asked to participate in this challenge Peacock Alley is a brand that I have known and been familiar with since high school. I don't have much of it, but what I do have I love. My grandmother always said "Buy the best quality your money can buy." Be sure to check out Abbe (Studio Ten 25), Joselyn (Simple Lovely D Home and DMoms) beds they did for the challenge.  Thanks so much Peacock Alley for asking me to participate along with such talented ladies. Susan Davidson's video is coming up soon. Check back for her link. 


  1. Love everything about the bedding! I'll take it! Very nicely done! You did a lovely job!

  2. Me likely! How cool is this?! Love the choice of bed lines, pillows and throws!


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