08 April 2013


Spring has sprung and I've gotten into full gear with trying to get the interior of the house painted. We decided to start with one of the small bedrooms, which happened to be packed to the gills with clothes. Don't know how that happened with just two teeny tiny closets? We would have had this done, but when you  have hundreds of colors to choose from it's hard.
We decided to go with the colors new linen (eggshell) for the the walls, which is more of an off white and country cotton (flat) for the ceiling. I have to tell you with all honesty I didn't prime the walls as advised by various paint professionals. Kelly-Moore Paint covered all the dirty hand prints without priming. Also note  I went from a dark color to a lighter color.

Side notes: Fill nail holes with the proper products because filling them with toothpaste, white soap, etc does NOT work properly. It only makes for imperfections in your paint. Now off to attempt to get caught up on my class work. 

all photos taken with iPhone in natural light

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  1. Now I know you didn't really fill holes with white soap!! Haha :)


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