24 October 2012


When I started this blog little did I know the twist and turns, the people I would meet and various opportunities I'd be afforded. Though I haven't been blogging long, I have enough sense to know a lot of things have changed. In the beginning I thought I'd just show you guys all my little thrifty finds, maybe do a few DIYs here and there. That became difficult because I am so much more than any of that. I know, do and see so many things. I am a real human being and life is not always roses and berries. Though there are some people who will tell you otherwise. I know most people only want to share the best, it's just not real life and that is the disturbing part. It's difficult to be honest with people when you're not being honest with yourself. My grandmother said it, my grandfather said it and I've found it to be true living my life.  With this little bit said, notice the title of this post moving forward. I won't be re-posting recent pictures of others work, unless it's needed in a post I'm working on. I'll be generating my very own original pictures and content. Whatever that may be. I'm living real life with real issues. 


  1. I fully support this! I started to feel guilty because I stopped generating my own content (hey, it's hard to find a project every week!) and I refused to recycle what others posted because we're all on Pinterest now. Just keep on truckin, and post when you can. We're here!

    1. Thanks so much! It's means a lot, I just can't deal with rehashing the same ol same ol. It doesn't make sense (to me)


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