26 September 2012


If you follow me on instagram then you saw this and wondered what in the world? I love a really good cliffhanger...Don't you?
I was recently asked by Peacock Alley to create my dream bed along with Abbe Fenimore, Suzan Davidson and Joslyn Taylor. Since my personal decor style is very eclectic. I wanted to create a look that was so far removed from my own personal style and taste and one that could satisfy either male or female. Not too feminine and not too masculine. I never really plan out anything when I'm decorating a room. I have an idea in my head and sometimes it comes out like in my head and sometimes not. I still wonder did I accomplish what I had in my head? We will just have to wait and see.

Joslyn and Abbe both shared a peek at their "Dream Beds" I on the other hand want you guys to be totally surprised. I'm kinda funny that way. Thanks so much to Katherine, Brad, Laura and Levy. Peacock Alley you guys are so kind.  There was another young lady there I completely forgot her name! Geesh... I hate that. 

Remember my blog will relaunch October 1st. 

top photo by me via instagram all others by Katherine 


  1. i can't wait to see what you did and excited about your relaunch(though i'm not quite sure what that involves:-))

  2. I adore the first image...that tray is to die for! I must have it!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  3. Hey, is that you in the orange? Hi there.

    Look forward to seeing what you came up with.


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