10 August 2012


Are you like me— Happy for all this young lady has accomplished? Myself along with Adrienne, DesirĂ© and several other bloggers are sending lots of love to Gabby today. Her accomplishments should be an inspiration to you and your life. What's stopping you? Get out there! Make it happen, whatever it is that you desire to do. YOU can do it. Gabby, you go girl! ♥


  1. I loved her and was so excited for her! However, since the Olympics, I've seen her on talk shows and stuff and I've noticed a difference in her attitude. It seems like all the attention might be going to her head and I hate to see that happen to someone whose got so much going for her. She's still so young, and at that age you are so vulnerable. She needs to follow in Shawn Johnson's footsteps. She's been very successful and is still so humble and a good girl. Fame can seriously ruin a good person though, if you don't have a good support system which is what I think Shawn Johnson has. Gabby seems to have good parents, but I've been wrong before. I thought Amanda Bynes was a good kid and now she's a mess.

    I admire Missy Franklin for not taking any endorsements. She could be a star, but she decided to go back home and swim for her high school team and be a normal teenager. There is nothing wrong with that.



  2. Hey lovely lady, I've been such a bad bloggy friend. Hope all is good, thinking of you, xxxxx


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