14 June 2010

Moonlite Monday Guest:: Shari of Little Blue Deer

We have Shari from Little Blue Deer MOONLITE-ing today.  We have a few things we want to to know about her, so we’ll ask a few of our standard questions.

CMV: Five words that describe your blog:
Shari: Elegant, glamorous, chic, sophisticated, light-hearted (I hope!)

CMV: What is a typical day like for you?
Shari: Oh my!  It varies, every day is different.  I do always get up and go running, feel much better when I do that.  I also do some meditation in the mornings, as well.  My husband and I own a coffee shop and roasting company, so of course I'm there most every day.  It's really nice because it's flexible, and I can blog while I'm at work, which is great!  Pretty much every night I'm out doing something, not going out necessarily, but seeing friends, that sort of thing.  One rule that I live by is that I try to be of service to other people as much as possible, I do my job, try to be helpful to others, and then enjoy my creative pursuits when I can! 

CMV: 7 things you love:
Shari: Oh my, let’s see… cappuccinos (fortunately I have full access to all the cappuccinos a girl can drink!), hot baths, Diptyque candles, ballet flats, Siamese cats (we have 2!), luxury bedding (with all that coffee you wouldn’t think I could sleep, but I sure can!), and good books.
CMV: Any recent finds?
Shari: I recently did a few DIY projects.  I got some old mirrors at Goodwill, spray painted the frames gold, then wrote quotes on the mirrors.  They look fabulous, you write with a thick black Sharpie, and if you don't like the way the quote comes out, you can simply use nail polish remover to erase and try again.  I'm also getting very into chalkboard paint! 

CMV: What's in your purse that you can't live without?
Shari: Oh my.  I wish I could answer that it was my black AMEX card, but unfortunately, that is not the case!  My wallet, of course, and lipstick. I never leave the house without lipstick, ever.  Also my trusty aviator sunglasses and this fabulous olive oil hand cream by Cucina.  

CMV: Anything else you'd like to tell readers?
Shari: I love you, I love you, I love you!  My readers mean the world to me, I read every comment and truly, they make my day!  I so appreciate anyone taking the time to visit my little world, it is incredibly flattering.

Speed Round:
Modern or Vintage?  Definitely vintage.  I love shabby chic and romantic, modern is often too stark and cold for my taste.
Flip Flops or Sandals?  Sandals!  My friends tease me because I don't approve of flip flops!  LOL!
Stove or Microwave?  Unfortunately for my husband, microwave.
House or Condo?  We own a house, but truly I think I might prefer a condo.  Our yard is so much upkeep, I like the idea of an adorable little townhouse with a tiny terrace!
Grits or Oatmeal?  I grew up in Atlanta, so I'm afraid to say anything other than grits!  

Shari, now that we know just a little but more about you, please; take it away

I am so delighted to be guest posting here at Moonlite Monday! I love Tonia’s blog, and the way that she combines all sorts of gorgeous design elements to create her own unique style! I was thinking about Chic Modern Vintage, how these are some basic elements that, when combined, make some truly gorgeous rooms!
I’m very partial to Chic:
{source unknown}
 How chic are those zebra print sheets, and the Louis bag, ah, yes! 

I’m not as big of a fan of Modern, but how can you go wrong with a flat-screen television and electric fireplace in the bath?

And I always have a soft spot in my heart for vintage, there’s something so romantic about days gone by:
Ooh la la! I love this settee and all of the embroidery and fringe! So very Victorian!

So I got to thinking about what happens when all of these elements are combined! As I mentioned above, if you can successfully pull these style elements together, you have yourself one amazingly stunning room!
 I love how that glamorous chandelier is offset by the sleek, modern table, and notice that lovely vintage candelabra in the background!
And this one is just Chic, right? Says it right there! I love this statement art combined with the classic striped settee and bright colors! What a combination!

Clearly, Tonia is on to something here, with her Chic, Modern and Vintage style! She’s a daily read for me, I hope she is for you, too!

Wow, it’s been a blast moonlite-ing here for Moonlite Monday, thank you so much to Chic Modern Vintage for inviting me! XO!

Shari, thanks so much for MOONLITE-ing with Chic Modern Vintage, so please be sure to visit with her soon and often, over at Little Blue Deer.


  1. Oh, thank you so much! It came out beautifully, thank you so much for asking me! Glad you had a good trip and made it back safe and sound! XO!

  2. Tonia and Shari you make a great combo. You are both such stylish creatures. Have an inspiring week xoxo

  3. Thanks for joining in Monday Madness!


  4. Shari is such a lovely girl and I so enjoy my daily visits to her blog. This is such a nice interview. I adore the questions - so different from the obvious online ones - and her responses are equally nice too. Happy Monday!

  5. How fun to do a Moonlighting post! You're both so creative.

    I'm stopping by from Follow Friday Over 40 - so glad you linked up! I'm now following and looking forward to more great ideas!


  6. wonderful and fun post! LOVE LBD and CMV both! And so much fun to learn a little about Shari!

  7. Loved the mini interview! I just discovered the both of you and I'm so glad I did!

  8. Great post Shari and Tonia...loved the interview and all the pretty inspiration!

  9. Excellent collaboration! Two of the my favorite bloggers in one spot = bliss!

  10. Awesome! Great questions and chic answers.

  11. This is such an inspiring wonderful feature! I am a HUGE fan of shari and it's so fun reading and getting to know her better! I would LOVE to visit her coffee shop one day. :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful inspiring feature! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


  12. Shari, thanks for contributing to the MOONLITE MONDAY series, you did a fabulous job!

  13. i love shari's blog, and love that she believes in being service to others--what a wonderful life!

  14. i love shari's blog, and love that she believes in being service to others--what a wonderful life!

  15. Great post! I wanted to thank you for supporting me during the last few weeks....you are so special. Thanks a million!

  16. that tea/coffee cup is fantastic! new follower :-)

  17. LOVED reading all about Shari ... thanks for posting it :)

  18. Also a Shari fan - she has impeccable taste. The combo of modern and vintage is my favorite look!

  19. I love Moonlite Mondays! How fun! That dining room and that teacup are killing me! I need some diptyque candles now too.

  20. great interview - I adore Shari's blog and she's delightful! :)

  21. Nice lovely post here today !!!! Shari you are the best !!! hugs from me...Ria

  22. This is a great combo - the two of you:)Keep up the good work!!!
    Don`t forget our new ELLE giveaway at ScandinavianChic.com:)

  23. I really enjoyed the interview with Shari! And the photos are gorgeous inspiration. Tres chic!

  24. Hello an welcome to the world of CMV

    Fashion, Art and other fancies
    Sweet on Veg
    It's Me
    Lisa Roy
    Kelle Dame
    Silver Strands
    Lafe's Hidden Treasures
    Jacqueline and
    Dancing Branflake

    If I missed anyone, please change it to my head and not my heart. WELCOME, and thanks for coming by to visit with Shari while she moonlites.

  25. Ohhhhhhh, to have a black Amex. HA! Beautiful feature!!

  26. You are right, chic is the standard word for this beauty. I'm a new follower (via google connect). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Looks like i'll be digging into archives. When you get a chance please stop over at Safe Home Happy Mom and follow us as well. Have a terrific week!

  27. Loving the bedroom picture.It's so stylish.Great post.

    Have a fab week!


  28. This was an interesting read1 :) Loved the simplistic yet fun q&a!

  29. Shari and Tonia both rock! Yay for both of your bloggity blogs, always great reads!

  30. So much fun getting to know Sheri better, AND meet a new bloggy friend, at the same time. Well done!
    xx Suzanne

  31. Love Shari! Fun getting to hear more about her. xo

  32. Stopping by and following you from Follow Me back Tuesdays.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Best wishes,

  33. This was such a great post! Shari's house must be so beautiful - she always posts such pretty decor inspiration pics :)

  34. great post thanks for sharing xxxx


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