11 June 2010

{A very special guest} Buster from My Life by Buster

I have never been a guest blogger before.  
Maybe I was asked because I am a very famous artist like my Dad.
 I work mostly work in paper, wood and cardboard. 

Here I am in my project and I'm thinking about what to do next.

Here it is all done!
Thank you for letting me be your guest, and you can visit my Mum's blog here, and you can visit me Buster here.
Thanks Buster, I appreciate you filling in for me on my last day of vacation. You guys, please be sure to visit Buster at his blog. My life by Buster.


  1. Buster is a cutie! Love your work on the cardboard box, dude!!

  2. I have a budding artist myself named Ellie, but I've always thought she was naughty - turns out she is an artist! Who knew???

  3. This is the cutest post I've ever seen in my life!! We call this
    "doggie confetti" and around here
    DOGS RULE !!

  4. Tonia, this is awesome and really too cute...PS. thank you for the opportunity to guest blog - it was amazing and you will always be the first one to invite me to guest blog!!! I think that means you hold a special blogger world place in my heart!!!


  5. Hey guys, when I found Buster, it was love at first sight. Isn't he cute?

  6. Omg, Buster is too stinkin' adorable!! Love Buster's "creation". HA!

    Thank you sooo much for dropping by my little blog!! I'm incredibly jealous that you found the same table thrifting; and I thought I scored a deal. Lucky!!

  7. omg-ee Buster is such and artist his so cutÉ lol great blog :)


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