18 June 2010

Diana+Beyonce=Diva Mathematics

Post by Adrienne of Mustard Seed Collective contributor for {the series: yesterday today}
One of the most essential people to fashion is the Diva, darling… the Diva.  She sits front row at Spring and Fall fashions shows in New York, Paris and Milan.  She graces the covers of Elle, Marie Claire and vies for the coveted September issue of Vogue.  Yes, the Diva is dressed at all times.  Her face is flawless and her shoes are always on point even if it’s a round-toe season.  If you are the most girly of girls, you anticipate her red-carpet appearances and have primped and preened like her in the privacy of your own home.  So just in case you didn’t know how the Diva achieves her fashionable look (despite the clothes and hair stylists all the dollar bills can buy) here is how I break down the Diva Essentials.  In fact, let’s call it Diva Mathematics.  From old school to new, the equation remains the same!  Let’s break it down with the legend that is Diana Ross and one who is nipping at her heels, Beyonce. Diana Beyonce Collage 1 And it doesn’t stops there, my friends.  The Diva has a plethora of looks… Diana Beyonce Collage 2 And there you have it… Diva Mathematics.  Add one part diva,two parts friends, plus a sprinkle of make-up, a toss of the hair and a dab of sweat off your brow and you have the essential ingredients to the fashionable diva lifestyle. Disclaimer: This is all my personal opinion which may or may not reflect the views of Chic Modern Vintage.


  1. Excellent post! Good job, Adrienne! Diana Ross ROCKS!!!!!!!

  2. I love it! Diva Mathematics! lol

    Whenever I am going to dress like a diva...I always channel Diana Ross which is today's Beyonce!

  3. where do you find the time darling to put it together like this. xox

  4. Thanks, Tonia for letting me be a part of the collabo! I hope everyone likes the post.

    (There's a little diva in all of us, isn't there?)

  5. Oh I love me some BEYONCE! She is a diva. She is fierce. She is IT!

    Although, I am ready ready for her to chill for a moment and have some kids!!!

  6. I just love these women and anyone who has that kind of style and panache!

    I am having a fab Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  7. Tonia,

    i am loving this post - its a great match up!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  8. @Kiki, be sure to stop by and tell Adrienne personally how great her post is.

  9. FUN!
    They do sparkle, don't they???
    Cute post!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Hi! Im visting from the Friday Blog Hops!! Im following you, please return the favor thanks!!

    Happy Friday!

  11. Amazing post! I love the concept of "Diva Mathematics!"

  12. This is so funny! I always notice Beyonce's tendency to mirror Ms. Ross and this puts it so plainly! love it ;)

  13. Love the way you put this together. Love Beyonce, but I really love Miss Ross. She is the ORIGINAL diva. Great post!


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