21 June 2010

{MOONLITE MONDAY} Niki from Single Bubble Pop

Today we have Niki of Single Bubble Pop. What that means exactly, I’m not sure. I should have asked her, but I don’t want to bore you with my chatter, let’s go ahead and ask the questions. {I’ve got to get some better questions} but until then here we go.

CMV: Let’s begin with the proverbial question. Why did you start blogging?
Niki:  I began blogging because I made the drastic switch between pursuing a MD degree to chasing my dreams of being a self-employed interior designer and artist. My blog became a place to catalog all the inspiration I find around the web and a way to connect with like minded people!

CMV: Five words that describe your blog as it is today.
Niki:    Bright, Artistic, Genuine, Fun&; Thoughtful

CMV: What is a typical day like for you?
Niki: I work a day job that pays the bills but is totally unrelated to what I want to do. It's what I have to do now in order to get where I want to be later! So a typical weekday for me is spent doing the tasks at hand and counting down till 5! On the weekends you can find me at a thrift store, the public library, enjoying one of the many events going on in Atlanta or just spending QT with my boyfriend. :)

CMV: 7 things that you love
Niki:   I love my family. They have always nurtured and encouraged me to be myself, even when I wasn't convinced of who I am.
I love my boyfriend. I don't know what I did to deserve such a great person in my life!
I love music! I have been a musician for as long as I've been an artist. Music is a big part of my life.
I love North Carolina.... and Atlanta! I've been fortunate to live in two great states, NC & GA and I love them both.
I love Sarah's House on HGTV. This is the one show on HGTV I look forward to watching every week. She's so fab!

CMV: Any recent finds or purchases that you are most proud of?
Niki:   I recently bought a pair of wood platform sandals that I wear all the time and get the most compliments on - and I only paid $16 for them! ;)

CMV: What’s in your purse you think you can’t live without?
Niki:   My iPhone! I'm addicted. And my Moleskin sketchbook, I'm always making notes or sketches in it.

CMV: Anything else you'd like to tell readers?
Niki: I live for comments on my blog. It truly makes my day to provoke conversation about the things I post! Thank you to everyone that read, especially those that comment!

Speed round:
Modern or Vintage, Combo of the 2
pumps or sandals, pumps
skirt or pants, skirt

stove or microwave, stove
house or condo, condo
grits or oatmeal, oatmeal

Now that were done with these dull questions...Niki I’m letting you take the wheel.

Kim Myles is one of my favorite designers because she believes in accessible design. She knows that great design doesn't have to come from high end stores or follow rules. Her rooms always seem collected and inspired, which appeals to me every time. Last week, Kim posted a before and after of her own living room on her blog and I fell in love with the bright & eclectic look she came up with.

I decided to create a moodboard based on Kim's room filled with budget friendly items. For details on what Kim actually used, please check out her blog. To see what I chose, read on! I first chose this convertible sofa from Urban Outfitters because it's a great price($588) and serves two functions. One of my favorite details of this room is the light pink wainscoting effect around the room. Mythic Paint, an eco-friendly high performance line, has a similar shade in their collection. I found a mirror similar to the center mirror Kim used at Zgallerie, however, she found hers at Home Goods, and I've seen that style mirror there all the time. Kim had a great eclectic mix of pillows on her sofa, and I think this Etsy find and  

West Elm pillow cover give that same look at a great price point. She received her amazing coffee table as a gift, but you can splurge on this one from Environment Furniture and get that organic (and eco-friendly!) look. Kim's yellow curtains add drama and warmth; you can get similar IKEA curtains for cheap. And lastly, Kim's amazing floral rug grounds the entire room and pulls all the color together. My pick from Target is a great option and only $379 for a 8x10 size. Kim's personality shoes throughout the room via her accessories, like the blue vases on the tables & framed mask at the center of the room. There are throws scattered strategically throughout the room giving it an inviting and cozy feel + more color. All these elements are things you probably already have in your home!

I hope this moodboard inspires you to add some style to a room in your home. If you like what you saw, please check out my blog SingleBubblePop for more art and design inspiration. Thanks so much Tonia for letting me be apart of your blog!

Niki, thanks so much for taking time to MOONLITE with Chic Modern Vintage today. Please visit Niki over at her blog. Niki also does space planning, e-design, AutoCAD drawings among other things.


  1. Great guest post! I am off to check her out, gorgeous stuff!

  2. I am in love with the yellow curtains panels. Great post, Niki!

  3. Ladies, Thanks so much for your comments! Just FYI - The name SingleBubblePop came from my meditation practice; I would try to focus on a mental image of a bubble and make my mind so quiet I could hear it pop! Try it, it's a great exercise ;)

  4. niki has a great blog, and i'm so glad she posted about kim myles' blog, because i didn't know she had one! i'm headed over to check it out now . . .

  5. OK...I learned some great things here. First - great blog. Second - been trying to meditate and it's not working well, I'll try the bubble pop. I love the mood board. Thanks for posting it!

  6. Well done, well done. Great color in that room, I can see why you chose it as your inspiration, Niki!

  7. Great post! Niki is awesome I <3 her! I will take these looks into consideration as I prepare to furnish my apt.

  8. the kim miles stuff is gorgeous!!

    Anna Katrina

  9. Beautiful! You did such a great job at finding affordable alternatives! I love the mixture of colors!

    In honor of my 1 year blogiversary, I’m hosting a RUG giveaway over at i m a g i n e! Come on over to enter :)

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  10. Niki, awesome post and I love the colors - you know I'm the color girl....I love the vase, pillows and the mirrors - seems like I'm into these nifty accessories!!!


  11. This is my dream living room! What a great post!


  12. Very inspired by this interview, as a fellow blogger who is contemplating making that jump to interior designer. I'd love to hear more about the preparations and challenges.

    xx Cristina

  13. FUN post! That last sofa is absolutely chic and what a fun color palette, as well : )
    xx Suzanne

  14. I'm a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! You have such a cool blog! I'm glad I found it. I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello sometime soon! :)


  15. Wow-great post. SBP is already in my reader. Cool blog.

  16. great post nikki! thanks Tonya for having her. she is a gem!

  17. great post nikki! thanks Tonya for having her. she is a gem!

  18. NICE! I'm in LOVE with the blk and white west elm cushion..blogged about it recently :)



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