25 June 2010

Nina Simone+Erykah Badu=Chic Neo Bohemian

So we all know what Coco Chanel said…  A lady should be classy, fabulous.  Well, in my fashion take, the definition of a lady is more than just tweed suits and pumps.  If Erykah Badu and Nina Simone could put their spin on what a lady’s style should embody, it would be the au naturel with a little twist (just to keep folks guessing!).  Erykah Nina Collage 1b Every women who rocks the au naturel style needs the matching abode… Nets to adorn the walls, shells, tied curtains and a tufted settee for a touch of glam is the perfect solution. Erykah Nina Collage 2 Erykah Nina Collage 3b I compare these two songstresses because even though they’re from two different eras their personal styles are the same.  It’s all about independence and making a statement while staying true to themselves.  A woman who can rock a wrap like a beehive or a hat atop a huge afro or long dangly shell earrings is a woman I admire.  More than the style, it’s the attitude and the boldness to pull it off that inspires me.  And I just love how sweet those nerd glasses are. 
Post by Adrienne of Mustard Seed Collective contributor for {yesterday today}, please be sure to visit her over at her blog too.


  1. i love this post! i was lucky enough to see nina live before she died, and as you can imagine she was amazing. have a great weekend and crank some nina and erykah!

  2. I too saw Nina once upon a time! Now I must see Ms. Badu to come full circle. Love this post!

  3. Thanks for the love, ladies (and of course, Miss Tonia).

    @Sherri, You are so lucky to have seen Nina? Amazing.

    @Divamom, I saw Erykah a few years back and she was about eight months pregnant and still gave an amazing show!

  4. Thanks Adrienne once again a fabulous job you've done. Of course, I've seen Erykah several times. I can only imagine the shows that Nina gave.

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    My latest inspirational postings are, “The Restful Soul,” “Three Peaceful Thoughts,” “As,” “The World Needs This,” “Springtime Beauty,” “The Power,” and “The Triumphant Heart.”


  6. Love this post! Excellent! I'm such a huge fan of Nina Simone and Erykah. Great job, Adrienne!

  7. I LOVE Nina. Her music always calms me. Gorgeous post, I love it! Those rooms are INSANE, just my style. That bedroom is to die for! Great job, Adrienne! XO!

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  9. As a North Carolinian - I have a deep connection to Nina, she is such a huge inspiration for me!! The comparisons between her and Erykah are spot on - great job!!

  10. Those rooms are SO cool! I have really never considered decorating in this style, but after seeing these super chic/comfortable looking rooms, I may just consider a few boho chic elements!

  11. Wow, did you know I used to rap. And my rap persona was Neenah Simone? I changed the spelling because I didn't want to get in trouble, but I felt her earthy bohemian vibe and her honesty in her music. This is a great post!


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