17 January 2011

Moonlite Monday Guest: Kyle of Knight Moves

Lamps are some of the best accessories to use in your home. Not only do these lights infuse a warm, soft glow into a space, they can also bring plenty of style and color to a room. A room without lamps is like an outfit without jewelry - it looks dull and unfinished. Because of their super powers I have lamps in nearly every room of our house.  In fact I think the kitchen and bathrooms are the only lamp-free zones. I'm obsessed with symmetry so I especially like to use lamps in pairs, but I have a few loners in the place as well. Whether it has a mate or not, I love each lamp in our house and all have a bit of a story behind them. So I thought it would be fun to take you through a lamp tour of our home. We'll start in the entry...

These lamps are from my grandmother's house and were originally brass. I spray painted them this dark gray and topped them off with some rectangular shades from Target. The shades work perfectly on an entry table because they don't take up as much space as round shades.
In the living room, this lamp and the one below were hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law. The surface of the base is hand-painted ceramic, but unfortunately the glaze colors were light pink, lavender, and green. So I bought a few paint pens made especially for ceramics and played color-by-number and changed the palette to orange, aqua, and turquoise so the pair would work with my color scheme.
I put ivory silk drum shades from Restoration Hardware on the set.
Also in the living room, this shapely gold and silver number came from the Arteriors warehouse sale so it was a bargain. The silk shade also came from the same sale and its price tag was only $10!
These cloisonne lamps in our dining room are the latest edition to my lamp collection. My husband got them for me for Christmas! They were purchased at William-Christopher Design in Dallas.
They are made from cloisonne tea jars and were mounted on acrylic bases. The black drum shades are perfect on them, don't you think? It's a silly detail to dwell on, but I also love the French-style gold silk electrical cord!
This super tall table lamp was also bought at the Arteriors warehouse sale and here it's being used to light up a mini bar I set up in the dining room for dinner parties.
In our den, the pair of blue lamps behind the sofa was purchased at HomeGoods. They have a great selection of colorful lamps and most are under $50 a piece.
This is another cloisonne lamp and it's one of my most favorite things in our house! The base and the orange silk shade are both by Jamie Young and were purchased at Layla Grayce. Sadly, Jamie Young no longer makes this style so I can't direct you to the sourcing information.
The vintage chrome pharmacy lamp was from my grandmother's house. It has an adjustable height base and a flexible gooseneck so it's perfect for reading.
The pair of lamps in this guestroom were in my husband's place in Austin before we married and I can't remember where they came from. I swear he said he got them at Home Depot for $10 each, but I never see lamps there, so maybe I'm mistaken. Anyhow, I added the fun striped drum shades...they were purchased at Target.
This is a lamp from West Elm that a stalked forever. I finally found a place for it in this little bedroom and I just adore it...it's a great, compact size and I love the tall shade.
This is the mate for the other tall black lamp used at the minibar in the dining room. This one has a piped linen shade that also cam from the Arteriors warehouse sale. It's serving here on the nightstand of a guest bedroom.
This glass sphere lamp also came from HomeGoods. Although it came with a shade, I put a piped linen shade on it to tie in with the lamp on the nightstand.
In our master bedroom, there are two crystal lamps on each nightstand. They can be purchased at Restoration Hardware along with the silk drum shades.
In our study, I found these two accordion task lamps at the Wisteria outlet in Dallas. I love that they clamp on and don't take up much desk space.
I hope you enjoyed the lamp tour! I'm curious to know whether any of you are as lamp-obsessed as I am. Let me know and also be sure to include any of your favorite sources for lamps. Some of mine are:
Thanks so much Tonia for inviting me to Moonlite Monday.

Thanks Kyle for being my guest for Moonlite Monday.


  1. Such a gorgeous home! The thought behind each of the lamps really makes every room feel special. I might need to give my lighting a little more attention!

  2. Kyle has somt of the best lighting accessories to date. So glad you featured her.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. what a great idea to do a lamp tour.That is one beautiful house.We are just loving the master!

  4. Love the lamp tour!! She has some killer lighting for sure!!!

  5. The lamp colors really add something special to Kyle's home! Amazing post.

  6. Wonderful tour. Although they are all lovely my favorite has to be the Jamie Young cloisonne lamp from Layla Grayce - stunning, especially with the orange shade. I also especially like the accordion lamp from Wisteria - I love anything architecurally industrial like that. Your home looks simply lovely!!

  7. The more I see your home Kyle, the more and more I love it. You really have amazing style.

  8. What a great lamp tour...love your home!!

  9. This is beautiful, Kyle! What is the color in your master bedroom? I am repainting ours and that is the exact color for which I've been looking!

  10. Thanks for all of the compliments everyone! Sarah, the color in our master bedroom is Restoration Hardware's Slate.

  11. Great lamps...you gave me some ideas...I now need to add a table or floor lamp to my guest bedroom since the chandelier is not enough.

  12. Kyle, I want to thank you so much! You're so right lighting is so important to room. They are like jewelry to a room.

  13. It is all so beautiful and so thoughtful yet it looks so comfortable aswell, just wonderful, thanks for sharing, cheers Katherine

  14. so that's how grown-ups live! I loooove your home. and your lamps!

  15. The patterns on those pillows are utterly fantastic. Love these pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.


  16. Gorgeous lamp tour and gorgeous home tour! Thanks. Love it.


  17. I have never seen so many lamps in one home... I love it! I must check out her blog!


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