13 September 2010

Moonlite Monday Guest:: Michelle of Three Men and a Lady

I'd like to give Michelle from Three Men and a Lady a proper introduction, but I don't have the words to describe how fabulous she is. Michelle has been featured here , here, and here. I could go on with her features. I have named her the DIY QUEEN. So with without future ado...
If I could re-name my blog I would arm wrestle Tonia for the blog name "Chic Modern Vintage." It really best describes what I strive for my style to be. Who wants a predictable space? Pttt-ewwwy! Anyone can go to a decor store and pick out a matching set of furniture and have it look acceptable but what's the fun in that? That's whay I love shopping for vintage pieces. They're unusual and so not expected in a space. Usually with a little TLC they can look fab. Here's a few of my favorites that I have in my own home.
Found this chair for $15.00 at a yard sale.
A little re-upholstery later...
This winked at me at an estate sale.

I winked back and it came to live with me.

While on vacation I spied this vintage audio/visual cart on Craigslist. 
My boys have put it to good use as their new bedside table. 
The addition of the vintage locker basket and globe go together nicely. 
An office was throwing these old chairs out.
I brought them home, gave them an new outfit to wear
and now they're suitable for the dinner table.

Vintage owl from Goodwill.

With a new updated look.

It takes practially 10 minutes to dial a phone number on this phone. 
Despite the fact that it's not very functional my boys prefer talking to grandma on the "old phone" over any other phone. I have a thing for vintage frames.

With a few additions it's now pretty and functional as a place for my jewelry.

 Check out more of my love for vintage at Three Men and a Lady.



  1. Wow, she did some great DIY on those vintage pieces! Love it :-)

  2. Great makeovers!

    I have a rotary phone, too. It drives me nuts.

  3. I remember when I first found her blog! I had to blog about her bedroom the very same day! She is SUPER talented and I really enjoy her blog!

  4. so much to swoon about! ekkk, she's so talented! all fabulous before & afters...

  5. Ohh I would adore to have the jewelry frame for my closet!!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  6. She has so many great ideas love reading her blog!! We have a vintage yellow rotary phone in our kithen love its old school ring tone! My dog hates it and always barks when the phone rings, lol

  7. Thanks Michelle for being my guest today, you have a gift of taking ordinary and making it extrodinary!

  8. ok, I'm really loving the owl. how in the heck did she do it?! i need to know, lol.

  9. Sigh, I love her home so much! Everything is awesome!

  10. She has a great eye.......love her style!

  11. Great post! She really has an eye for things.


  12. FABULOUS transformations! Fabulous finds! Thanks for some great ideas!

  13. Wow, great stuff. My mom had one of those hideous hallway shelves. I might have to see if it's still around.

  14. What grand ideas!

    Thanks for having her moonlite! :)
    New friend to follow

  15. She is totally the DIY queen! Her home is so super stunning, and she is crazy creative! I loved seeing all her projects in this post!

  16. Absolutely stunning - wish I had that much imagination!

  17. ugh can we come live with you????? FABULOUS!!!!!! I have the SAME EXACT vintage frame the glass was broken and taped on the back at the salvation army... Idiots sold it to me for 3.00 THANKS! Want to paint it white so bad but love it gold! frames the wall of my reading for now :)

  18. Thanks for the intro! Will check her out after I've finished visiting with you!


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