31 May 2010

MOONLITE MONDAY: Helen of Helen James Designs

Today we have "moonlite-ing" Helen of Helen James Designs. Please help Chic Modern Vintage give her a great big welcome.  You can also visit her Etsy Shop, and here.   She creates some the most ornate, gorgeous, fabulous custom headbands and head pieces for any occasion.  Let’s chat with Helen for a minute.

CMV:  Five words that describe your blog today?
Helen: Too difficult to answer

CMV: What is a typical day like for you?
Helen: I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and my husband is a musician and constantly traveling so there really are no typical days but if I can try and give you an idea. 7:30am Up with 14 month old 8:00am 8 yr old and 11 yr old get up, breakfast 9:15am Drop big kids to school, Home, coffee, check emails 10:00am Baby down for nap, make calls 10:30am Out to studio to work on collection 1:00pm Lunch with Hubbie and baby 3:00pm Hubbie pick up kids from school 5:00pm Finish up work in studio, prepare dinner, help kids with homework, kids to bed, work on blog, maybe a movie if I am lucky

CMV: Any recent finds or purchases that you are most proud of?
Helen: Recently discovered the Brooklyn flea in Fort Greene. I am about to furnish a new apartment in Brooklyn. I was scanning for possible items and I did see some fabulous wooden folding chairs, lovely wooden and vintage, the fact that they fold away is of course a bonus because, well it's a NYC apartment!
CMV: What in your purse you think you can’t do without?
Helen: Oh its such a cliché, but I really couldn't do without my Iphone and I love the sena case I have it in , it just gets better looking with age. I recently shot my new collection using The Hipstamatic App
w portrait and am in love with the results

CMV: Is there anything else you like to tell readers?
Helen: I am about to move from middle Ireland back to NYC.  Keep up with my progress via my blog.

The Speed Round
Modern or Vintage or Mintage Vintage, is it chipped, battered, worn? does it have woodworm? yes! Then I will love it for sure!
Heels or Flats I wish I could wear heels I keep buying them but I must face the fact that I am a flats girl through and through
Skirt or dress love skirts but what can beat the ease of pulling on a dress
City or Country I think I am definitely a city girl even though I tried to be a country one for a long time!  
Toast or English muffin English muffin, with melted butter yum!!!

Helen we’re done chatting, therefore without further ado.....

Thank you so much to Tonia for allowing me to Moonlite here at Chic Modern Vintage. I am delighted to be visiting and the fact that on Friday,  I attended the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time and because I love them so, I decided I wanted to talk about flowers.
Here are a few things floral that I treasure and crave

The incredible leather appliqué bags of Sussanah Hunter
I have coveted one of these since the day I saw them about 7 years ago.
I think I may soon take the plunge and purchase

The new "Beatrix Potter rose" bred by Amanda  Beales,  launched at this years Chelsea Flower Show, with palest of pink petals and an intense perfume it is sure to become a modern classic.
Beatrix potter

A tied bunch of blooms by the talented Sarah from Saipua
When I get to Brooklyn I am surely going to become one of their best customers. 

I’ll miss not being able to cut flowers from my own garden
One of these delectable offerings will have to suffice!

If you find yourself in London any time soon head to The British Museum to see the incredible black botanical collages of Mary Delany, Including this Passion flower with over 230 paper petals. The intricacy and detail of her work is breathtaking

Vintage rose decorated teacups
Tea just tastes so much better from a china cup with a rose on it.

Finally one of my own Florica headpieces
I can't wait to wear this, a personal favorite, to an upcoming Hampton's Garden Party.
Thanks Helen for taking time out of your busy schedule to Moonlite. I know it was a little difficult since you are moving from Ireland back to The States, in New York City!  WOW, I don’t know if I could do it.
..and her work is so fabulous I’m adding more for you guys to see. ENJOY!

florica5 florica3 florica1
Didn’t I tell you her work was FABULOUS, Little Blue Dear?
and don’t forget to visit Helen at her Etsy Shop and over at her blog.

I hope that everyone is having great Memorial Day!


  1. Fantastic! Those headpieces are over the top...will be checking out this etsy shop and blog as well! Thanks for the intro!

  2. I'm a new Monday Follower! Your site is so cute! To find some great deals and Freebies visit me at http://www.rockindeals4you.com/?p=4792 and sign up for my newest giveaways!

  3. Oh my gosh, Tonia, you were right! Absolutely stunning stuff! Wow, love your headpiece, that bag, the flowers, everything! She is fabulous, JUST my style, you were totally right! Thanks for the link! XO!

  4. The headpieces are beautiful and I just love that she shot her collection on iPhone's Hipstamatic. I just recently discovered that app and I love it!

  5. New Monday follower and always on the lookout for vintage anything.

  6. Those headpieces could work as an oversized belt on a dress too! so cute ;)

  7. hi!
    I am your newest follower! Please follow me back! http://stashmama.blogspot.com/
    btw I love your blog!

  8. @Niki, I can see that. Helen creates what I call, Simple fabulousness.

  9. wow her work is gorgeous! following you now - and thanks for stopping by alabaster cow!


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    Stop by and enter my giveaways. Lot's going on like: gift baskets, e-mealz, proactiv vinyl attractions, etc.

  11. Tonia, this is awesome - I am digging this etsy shop and especially the bag...as you can probably tell, I am a bag fanatic!!


  12. New Monday Madness follower! Please follow me back


    Happy Monday!!

  13. So so pretty! I will definitely check out your blog and Etsy shop!

    Thanks for having her over Tonia!

  14. All of these images are so gorgeous. And I love the little birds in your header! Soo cute.

    xx Cristina

  15. Thanks for the follow via Friday follow. I am already a follower so I look forward to reading more!!
    -Debra, http://www.housewifeeclectic.com

  16. nice post! i'm now following from FMBT:) Hope you follow back!

  17. Lovely things,espesially the bag.
    Have a fab day!


  18. The head piece is gorg!
    And the blog update looks fab! =)

  19. thanks for featuring my glass bottle necklace here in your blog. though, i didn't know you have taken my picture since I have put a copyright statement on my listing. and you haven't contacted me on Etsy. I would be much appreciate if you are going to put my item in your blog next time. thank you.

  20. Very cool hairpieces there! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I thought I'd hop on over and check out yours too :)

  21. Her work is beautiful. I hope she does well. You are lovely to feature this talented young woman.

  22. I have a special piece from Helen. Just so artfully made.


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